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 Marin McCue

Marin McCue


Calgary, Alberta

Marin began her yoga journey in University as her identity as an elite athlete came to an end. It was an act of desperation to find something that could help her change the trajectory of her life as mental health struggles had become the epicentre of her life. 

15 years later she has over 2000 teacher training hours of various yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing and somatic therapeutic modalities under her belt, and skillfully integrates tools and resources in her one on one practice and group facilitation. 

Somatics and Breathwork have become the focus of her work in the past five years, along with her mission to normalize mental health struggles, teach others how to map out and befriend their nervous system, regulate themselves more efficiently, and lead experiences of embodied movement, breath and mindfulness to utilize the power of growing and healing together.

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