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Laughter and Grief: Dealing with Strong Emotions


Carla Brown

Have you ever witnessed someone leaving a laughter session abruptly, shutting down, or even expressing anger or tears? Maybe you've noticed a participant not fully engaging because the laughter triggers current or past pain or trauma. You want to help, but you're unsure how to support them. Sometimes, they never return to laugh again.

What if you had powerful exercises in your laughter toolkit to help ease their fear of feeling? Imagine being able to incorporate these exercises into your sessions whenever you notice participants feeling emotionally uneasy.

In this session led by Carla H Brown, we'll explore how laughter can help us handle tough feelings like grief. Carla, with over 30 years of experience in Holistic Health, creates a safe space for us to express and understand our emotions.

We'll learn practical ways to deal with these feelings through movement, breathing, play, and sound. Carla's approach considers psychology, science, and spirituality, giving us tools to manage strong emotions better.

Join Carla on this journey to use laughter as a tool for healing and connection.

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