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Moises Callahuara Medrano (he/him)
Rimouski, QC

Moises is originally from Bolivian and has lived in Quebec, Canada since 2020. 

He received recognition in his country for projects against violence and social problems such as “Favorite Neighbor”, “Esteban Arce Gold Medal” and “Agent of Change”, among others.


He is currently a Master's student studying psychosocial practices at the University of Quebec in Rimouski. He has a degree in Psychology and marketing and advertising. Actor and Actor clowns. Instructor in Laughter Therapy, Biodanza, Laughter Yoga.


From the age of 14 he began his life as a volunteer, accompanying several people in their process of emotional improvement. As national coordinator of the Doctores de la Alegria Foundation – Bolivia, clown theater techniques have been a powerful tool that can help solve social problems in a different way and as the first certified laughter therapist in his country to develop techniques where laughter is a methodology of love and humanitarian communication.


Father and husband of a beautiful family, believers that laughter and love are a better form of education and family development.

Session Details

Inclusive Laughter: A South American Perspective

Moises Callahuara Medrano


Sunday, May 5, 2024
1045 AM
Raising awareness among the Bolivian population that optimistic and positive laughter is a path to social inclusion has been a very strong objective within the fragile socio-economic and political context that Bolivia is experiencing. Which has developed creative strategies and techniques that have helped connect, create environments of harmony, well-being and emotional education for many organizations, both legal and natural. In this laughter session we will show the techniques that were applied in the first years of work in Bolivia with group cohesion procedures, body expression, music, dance. In this way, we will try to invite the culturally hidden inner child and release the most genuine, transformative and integrative laughter, producing a pleasant body relaxation, communication and inclusion.
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