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Tiffany Caudill (she/her)
Sacramento, California

Tiffany Caudill, Mirthologist, is here to share with you the answer to one question. Can laughter save lives? She has toured North America and Latin America interviewing over 50 people who have had their lives saved by laughter and she would like to share their stories with you.

Tiffany has also developed a unique joy practice called Wake up Laughing or WULFING. WULFING is a groundbreaking joy practice that provides research based tools to help you start your day off in the best possible way.

Tiffany teaches yoga for all abilities and ages, is a child development teacher, a senior care mentor, and creates a fabulous healing herbal product. She is a proud owner of Transform Our Pain LLC in which she provides her healing skills to the community, as well as, fund raising productions to help African communities initiate farming skills for self sustainable education.

She will be embarking on another laughter tour called The LAFTOUR. She will be driving from Sacramento California to Canmore Canada, filming the adventure and conducting new interviews about the importance of laughter.

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