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Lora Pesant (she/her)
Calgary, Alberta

Lora is a Community Connector, Facilitator, Laughter & Hatha Yoga Teacher, Business Developer and Reflexologist.

Laughter Yoga has had a huge impact on Lora's life. Following a disturbing travel experience in 2010, Lora spent several months experiencing severe anxiety.  Seeking something to help with her anxiety, Lora ventured from Dunedin, New Zealand (where she was living at the time) to Christchurch, New Zealand to be trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader.  Ironically, this training took place just after the first of several major earthquakes in Christchurch.  Although hesitant to go at first, she has been laughing regularly ever since and finds herself facing many anxiety provoking situations with ease.

She is a mother of two young children and laughed her way through both pregnancies. 

Lora loves sharing her laughter as she finds it a barrier-free way to build connections, let our inner joy flourish, and, to embody peace inside and out. She cannot wait to host everyone in her home province!

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